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Diecast restoration tips:

Rusty baseplates

 If you have a baseplate that is slightly rusty you can soak it in Vinegar overnight and this will remove most of it.When it has soaked you simply use wirewool or a wirebrush to clean it.


Removal of Kiddy paint on the window unit

 To remove paint from a window unit just soak it for a few hours in everyday household oven cleaner.When it has soaked the paint will simply slide off.


Bent axle replacement

 If you have a bent axle you do not need to pay out for a new one.Just simply remove an inner rod from a pop rivet .These are ideal as one end is already rounded and you only need to cut it to size and burr one end.

 Matching Original paint Colour

The external colour will have faded over time due to little grubby hands and sunlight.If you need to match the original colour then use the inside of the model.This is where you will get a closer match.

How to avoid clogging up or snapping drill bits

Quite often i am asked how to remove broken drill bits from the rivet posts and it is a long arduous process to remove them.This is mainly caused by the drill bit overheating or clogging up and jamming.To avoid this use a drop of bycycle oil on the rivet head before drilling your pilot hole and again when drilling the main hole.


Replacing broken windscreen pillars

You will often find that your model has broken widscreen pillars. This happens because second to the bumpers,they are the most brittle and vulnerable part of the model. However you can salvage the car  by using heavy duty staples such as the ones used in furniture making.Just cut each side of the staple to size and superglue it in place. You may have to use some sort of filler to smooth the joints, but this does work and looks effective.

          Replacing Supertoys Spare wheel washer

If you have a Dinky supertoy that needs a new spare wheel washer such as a 902 Foden, you dont need to go to the expensive of buying a new one. Just simply get a drawing pin, remove the centre pin and drill a 3mm hole in it.