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           Diecast  personalisation & Restoration service

Professionally restored Corgi,Dinky etc

I have been restoring diecast models for the last 20 plus years with many happy customers in the past therefore you can count on a  reliable and professional service. If you have an old diecast car you want brought back to life then why not contact me. Please see below for costs.

Standard Diecast models (Corgi,Dinky etc

Single colour                           £20.00

Two tone                                  £22.00

Tri colour                                 £25.00

I also supply a personalisation & restoration service.The prices are as follow:

Standard diecast models (Corgi,Dinky Vanguard e.t.c)


Single colour                      £22.00

Two tone                            £25.00

Tri colour                            £28.00

Larger scale diecast models (Vans Lorries,buses e.t.c)

Single colour                                     £25.00

Two tone                                          £30.00

Tri Colour                                          £35.00

Personalised diecast models 

 If you want a  personalised model with your name ,a loved ones name , business logo/Ad , birthday wishes , advertisement  e.t.c , infact almost anything you like.Why not contact me by clicking the appropriate menu button on the right hand side.

Due to the complexity of personalised models ,the prices can differ. Depending on the model size and amount of decals. Please contact me with your details about the model and i can then quote you a price.

 Please note: 

These above prices do not include parts or Post and packaging including return.I am a great believer in originality,therefore only parts that are necessary to be replaced will be replaced.If the part can be salvaged then it will be.If parts are required then an agreement on the full cost will be made before the work commences.

So,If you have a model  that is past its lifetime why not contact me by clicking on the below image.