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Diecaststickerman's restorations and Code3's


Personalised Benz sprinter Birthday wishes .



 Another client resoration project.

Dinky Foden set


 Dinky 107 Stripey magic mini.

This was in quite a sorry state. As the boxes are rare and hard to come by i had to create a resized  outer box from scratch.


 Corgi 339 Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief


 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van Code 3

I was comoissioned to do this model for owner of the company from this photo.

 Dinky 157 Jaguar XK120  
 Corgi 419 Ford Zephyr patrol car ( Dutch export )  

 Collection of various Dinky Fodens and Leyaland Octopus.

The Octopus's were originally tankers but i managed to convert to a chain lorry and a flatbed.

 cNo before image available.


 French Dinky 24x Ford Vedette "54"

I wasn't too keen on the grey so decided the blue version was better.

 Corgi 231 Triumph Herald Coupe.  
 Dinky 275 Brinks Armoured Security van.  
 Dinky 934 Leyland Octopus.  

 Dinky toys 902 Foden Flatbed.

This one was in a very sorry state so i decided to do Yellow and green Clour scheme.

 The complete fleet  
Oxford Diecast Bedford CA half cab 

This is #3 of 4 i have been commissioned to do by the previous owner of the company.


 Corgi450 Austin Mini Code3

This is #2 of 4 i have been commissioned to do  by the previous owner of the company.


 Corgi Toys Landrover 109 WB.Code3.

I was commissioned to do this one by the previous owner of the company.I used the first pic as a reference.

 Dinky Toys 502 Foden Flatbed  2nd cab type.  
 Foden 505 Chain lorry 1st issue  
 Dinky Toys Foden Regency petrol tanker  
 Dinky Toys 982  Pullmore  
 Corgi 400 Volkswagon Motor school.  
 Dinky Toys High sided Foden (2nd issue cab)  
 Dinky Toys 504 Foden Tanker No before photo available 
 Dinky Toys 903 Foden Flatbed (With Tailboard) 2nd cab type.

This model is the one in the center



 Dinky Toys 503 Foden Flatbed (with tailboard) 1st cab type. 

This model is the one at the rear



 Dinky Toys 651 Centurion tank 


 Dinky 60a Armstrong Whitworth Atlanta  

 Corgi 486 Chevrolet Impala

(Kennel Club)



 Corgi 268 Green Hornets Black beauty 


 Corgi 497 Man From Uncle Thrushbuster.

(Blue Version)

 Corgi 215 Hillman Imp

 No before image available


 Corgi 497 Man from uncle Thrushbuster

 (white version)

 No before image available


 Corgi 219 Plymouth Sports suburban Station Wagon

 No before image available

 Corgi 319 Ford Zephyr Patrol car 

No before image available


 Corgi 407 Smiths Karrier mobile shop

 No before image available


 Dinky 626 Military Ambulance

 No before image available


 Corgi 349 Mini Cooper (popart) code3

 No before image available


 Dinky100 Lady Penelope FAB1

No before image available


 Corgi 237 Oldsmobile Sheriffs Car

 No before image available


 Dinky 104 Spectrum pursuit Vehicle

 No before image available


 Corgi 481 Chevrolet Impala Police Patrol Car

 No before image available

 Dinky 287 Police Accident unit


 Dinky 287 Police transit (Code3) 

 Corgi 1110 Big Bedford Mobilgas Tanker 

 Corgi 475 Citroen Safari (Ski Club) 



 Dinky 198 Rolls Royce Phantom V  

Corgi 487 Chipperfields Public address vehicle

 No Before image available


 Corgi 436 Citroen Safari (Wildlife preservation)

 No before image available


 Corgi 310 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

 No before image available

Dinky 264 R.C.M.P Patrol car  

 Corgi 1105 Bedford Carrimore car transporter (code3)  

 Corgi 315 Simca 1000 competition model


Corgi 249 Mini Cooper with deluxe wickerwork panels 


 Corgi 437 Superior Ambulance (Code3) Ghostbusters 


Corgi 1129 Big bedford articulated milk Tanker  

 Corgi 270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with Tyre slashers.  

 Corgi 269 James Bond Aston Martin 1st issue  

Corgi 221 Chevrolet Impala New York Taxi Cab

 Before photo unavailable


 Corgi 267 red Hub Batmobile



 Corgi 267 Batmobile second issue

 Before Photo unavailable


 Dinky 103 Austin Healey 100 



 Corgi 247 Mercedes Benz Pullman

(I personally prefer the blue version)




 Corgi 447 Ford Thames Walls Ice cream van 


 Dinky Toys 169 Studebaker (code3) 


 Dinky Toys 253 Daimler Ambulance 


 Dinky 433 Studebaker petrol tanker

Code 3 (Texaco)



 Corgi 309 Aston Martin DB4 Competition model.         


 Corgi 443 Ford Mustang Fastback (Code3)

Instead of the normal go faster stripes i thought i would create the decals and turn it into a popart version.




 Dinky 105 Maximum Security vehicle 


 Corgi 211s Studebaker Golden Hawk 


 Corgi 424 Ford Zephyr estate 


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