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Diecast collector& Restoration resource site

This is the site where all collectors and restorers can find resources without having to trawl through the Thousands of sites on the World wide web.

My name is Kev and i have been a collector of all manner of diecast for approximately 25 years. About 7 years ago i got into restoration as my finances changed and i had to find a cheaper way of getting the models i desired. I enjoy the challenges that restoration brings especially if it is a model i have never done before.

I hope you find this site usefull and gain a lot of information about General diecast or restoration. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and i will try to help you out as best i can.

Most importantly please enjoy your browse.


Please note that i do not sell die-cast parts. If you need a part you will need to contact the supplier direct. Also if you need any decals or stickers please remember to contact me by using the contact me button on my site as I can get banned from Ebay or Ebid by dealing oustside.

corby northants